Lift Servicing in Glasgow

Clyde Valley Lifts have been servicing lifts for over 20 years. We understand the importance of working within financial constraints and can offer potential customers tailored made service contracts at highly competitive prices for our excellent fully quality assured service,  and all quotations and initial site surveys are free of charge

Our service department operates a planned preventative maintenance program for all our customers. We believe that this is an essential service to in enable us to provide a safe and reliable lift operation for the building users. We believe in being pro-active in identifying potential faults in order to take the necessary action to prevent breakdowns before they occur. All our maintenance contracts give our clients access to our 24/7 manned emergency telephone line in the event of a breakdown.

All lift owners and/or duty holders have a responsibility to ensure their lift complies with current health and safety regulations, We understand this can sometimes be confusing but as our client we will assist you in meeting all of your duties as a lift owner. Read more about Lift Owner Responsibilities.

Lift maintenance

Key Lift Service Points

  • All maintenance contracts inclusive of minor parts
  • We have experience on all different lift equipment including the leading manufacturers
  • Testing of all safety devices
  • Fully tracked vehicles to give you accurate arrival times
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent breakdowns as much as possible
  • Topping up of all essential lubricants
  • Cleaning of all components
  • Your service engineer will report back with observations and recommendations to improve your lifts H&S features and improved performance.

Call us on 0141 774 0786 to speak with one of our team about your lift queries.