Passenger Lift Installation

We supply and install high quality passenger lifts to suit any commercial or residential requirements.

Here at Clyde Valley Lifts, we have multiple top of the line lift manufacturer partners who provide a broad range of passenger lifts and we specialise in customising them to meet your requirements, no matter how unique or challenging they may be while still meeting current lift regulations and maintaining our competitive pricing.

Our passenger lifts, manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry, like IMEM, Raloe and Doppler, are suitable for a variety of commercial and residential properties, including offices, hotels, shopping centres, care homes, hospitals and residential blocks.

Our highly skilled and dedicated engineers have years of experience in installing all makes of passenger lift available and have the necessary skills to create bespoke passenger lifts to fit almost any unworkable and difficult spaces.

Passenger lift installation

Energy Efficient Passenger Lifts

We look to provide our customers with the best value possible, and being able to produce lifts with excellent energy efficiency ratings is paramount in lowering your daily running costs, and also lowering the carbon footprint in your building or facility.

We are able to do this by incorporating the most up to date technology and materials.

  • Gearless traction machines significantly lowers energy consumption
  • Stand-by mode option when lift is not being used
  • Smart passenger collection. Our lifts are able to process passenger calls at each floor and calculate the most energy efficient route to collect the passengers.
  • Our Lighting is all low consumption LED’s
  • All of our lifts are fitted with top of the line VVF drive inverters. This controls the lift speeds in the most efficient way possible.

Safety, Reliability & Longevity

Clyde Valley lifts only supply open protocol lift systems unlike many of our competitors. Open protocol allows our clients to use any lift company they so choose to work on their lift instead of being stuck and tied into one single company for the lifts lifespan.

We offer a complete range of new lift equipment with a wide and varied selection of finishes all of which are designed to meet with the required standard EN 81: 20 /50 and The Lift Regulations 2016 inclusive of the following standards where specified.

  • BS EN 81-3 (Electric & Hydraulic Service Lifts)
  • BS EN 81-21 (new lifts in existing buildings)
  • BS EN 81-28 (remote alarms)
  • BS EN 81-41 (Vertical Lifting Platforms)
  • BS EN 81-58 (landing door fire resistance test)
  • BS EN 81-70 (accessibility)
  • BS EN 81-71 (vandal resistant)
  • BS EN 81-72 (firefighters lift)
  • BS EN 81-73 (fire recall of lifts)

Optional Extras

As an independent Clyde Valley Lifts are extremely flexible in what we are able to provide for your lift. We can add any extra safety features and aesthetic finishes you would like, speak with our sales team to discuss any specifics you have in mind.

Competitive Prices

Clyde Valley Lifts pride ourselves on being the most competitively priced in the industry. Depending on your enquiry, we may be able to provide you with pricing indications either over the phone or by email so for a FREE no obligation quote contact us on 0141 774 0786 or send an email to

Other Lift Services

In addition to lift installations, we also offer an extensive range of lift services including: inspectionsmaintenancerepairs and more.

If you already have a lift, you may be interested in our lift refurbishment services with the option of cosmetic, mechanical and electrical refurbishment.